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Climate Resilient Landscapes

Climate Resilient Landscapes

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Climate Resilient Landscapes are able to withstand the stresses of a changing regional and global climate. The following strategies, along with other best practices, provide the most benefits when they are combined together in a single landscape. The result is a resilient and dynamic natural system that requires minimal resources and management, while providing a functional, beautiful, and meaningful landscape for you to enjoy!

Strategies for

Climate Resilient Landscapes 

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Pollinator and Habitat Gardens

Providing year round beauty and requiring significantly less resources than verdant, out-of-place lawns in the dry Okanagan, pollinator & habitat gardens bring the beauty and the bees of the region to your back door.​​

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Fire-Wise Landscapes

Fire is an increasing concern in the dry Okanagan valley. Many homes are built near fire dependent ecologies to take advantage of the natural beauty that these areas afford. However, this may also put the home at risk to fire. There are many landscape strategies that can be employed to mitigate and prevent these risks.

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Edible and Medicinal Gardens

Plants are more than visual - they offer food, fiber, and medicine. Designing gardens around the use and properties of plants, adds layers of meaning and purpose to a beautiful garden.

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Water-Wise Landscapes

Water is essential to life, and, in the dry and arid climate of the Okanagan, it is a precious resource. With wet rainy winters, spring flooding, and dry hot summers, water can be a complicated issue. By slowing, collecting, and infiltrating water, disparate seasonal  concerns are transformed into a system that effectively manages a year-long resource.

* Illustrations for Climate Resilient Landscapes are adapted from original drawings created by Seed and Sparrow Design in collaboration with Eva Antonijevic for the South Okanagan Real Estate Board.



We pride ourselves on high quality service. Because landscapes evolve and change over time, we prefer to establish ongoing relationships with our clients and their properties. This allows us to develop a larger vision and guiding strategies for the property, which we adjust and edit overtime.

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Site Planning and Design

Having a well designed plan for your property will help you achieve a cohesive, functional, and enjoyable outdoor space. Whether you have a vision in mind or are needing knowledgeable input to get started, we can help bring the design to life.

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Tree Assessments | Services

Whether you have one tree or a forest of them, we can help! With a decade of caring for trees, we see them as long-term investments. Plant them now, manage their health, and watch them grow and their benefits multiply. From pruning or restoring tree canopies, to identifying and managing risk or health concerns, we provide a full suite of tree services. 

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Project Management

A landscape project can have many moving parts. Trades to organize and brief; materials to order; and the sequencing of work. We provide quality project management that makes sure the project is both well planned and well executed. 

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Our consultation services are flexible and adaptable to your project needs. If you don’t require the production of design documents, booking a consultation can be a cost effective way of moving your project forward. 

About Us

About Us


Our Vision:

An entwined habitat of diverse, resilient ecologies and vibrant, expressive cultures, which mutually support and enrich each other throughout the Okanagan.

Our Mission:

To engage our community through education, collaboration, and thoughtful designs, contributing to the vitality of the Okanagan’s ecological systems and diverse cultural needs.


Stephanie Aitken, B. Art & Design, MLArch.

Stephanie's design work strives to do more than provide for the needs of people. By enfolding the wild into everyday spaces, her designs bring beauty and function to the mundane and forgotten corners of the world we live in.


Christopher Szymberski, BSc. Horticulture, MLArch., ISA Certified Arborist

Christopher's design work takes a long-view approach that seeks to support changing social values and needs, while providing adaptive ecological strategies that enrich the functional and aesthetic value of landscapes, both wild and human made.

Our Work

Our Work

MorganCorreia Residence_plan.jpg

Art Meets Ecology

An integration of art and ecology

19-002_Okanagan College, Penticton_2.jpg

Okanagan College, Penticton

Social and ecological share space

Schulz Residence_edited.jpg

Shrub Steppe Meadow

Synthesis of restoration and beauty

Sunshine Cove_Conceptual Design Package_

Sunshine Strata

Revision for aged strata landscape

19-007_471 Cascia Dr_Vanessa and Jon Sch

Woodland Play Garden

A woodland play garden 

Seclusion Bay_Concept Plan.jpg

Foreshore Restoration

Strata foreshore restoration 

The relationships that we develop with our clients are much like our design work - ones that are mutually beneficial and evolve over time. Our work might be considered unconventional, yet it implements the best practices of our profession and other related fields. We operate through both scientific pragmatism, and an artistic impetus to surprise and delight. We enjoy creating landscapes that are welcoming, comfortable, intriguing, artistic, fun; and - most of all - climate resilient. If you are seeking sustainable solutions for your personal landscape or community,  and want to learn about how a considered and thoughtful approach can add value to your outdoor experience - get in touch. We would enjoy meeting you and your land.

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