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Shrub Steppe Meadow

Schulz Residence_edited.jpg

Location: Kelowna | Date: 2019

The objective for this project was to renovate an existing turf area into a collection of related naturalized and native ecologies. The design consists of a renovated central island, which houses a rockery and a burgeoning shrubland, within a Shrub Steppe Meadow. The design utilizes existing terrain and, when appropriate, existing plants. Time and care was given to specifying additional native and regionally appropriate plants, which are well suited to the Okanagan climate and were vetted as non-invasive. A set of plants carry throughout the project and help to unify the landscape and build ecological connectivity across the site and to the larger regional landscape. These plants are used as an aesthetic foundation for other more floriferous plants to be presented. For the necessary ecological density to be achieved, which would ensure long-term homeostasis within the landscape, a method of direct seeding was utilized. 

Schulz Residence2.jpg
Schulz Residence2.jpg
Schulz Residence2.jpg
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