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Woodland Play Garden

19-007_471 Cascia Dr_Vanessa and Jon Sch

Location: Kelowna | Date: 2019

A young family needed a place to play - a space that would evoke wonder and delight, provide areas to run and hide, and elements to climb on and swing from. The garden also needed aesthetic unity, which evoked and visually moved into the stream corridor that is adjacent to. A woodland play garden was designed to engage all of the senses, with a variety of scented flowers, edible berries, and both rough and soft textured vegetation. The existing deck was renovated to include additional stairs for better circulation. There is also an ample cut flower garden, providing flowers and herbs for the use indoors. Log balance beam, movable tree 'cookies' to stack and build with, and a tree swing all provide for building childhood memories of fun and adventure.

19-007_471 Cascia Dr_Vanessa and Jon Sch
19-007_471 Cascia Dr_Vanessa and Jon Sch


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