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Art Meets Ecology

19-001_4850 Swallow Court_MorganCorreia

Location: Kelowna | Date: 2019

With growing concern for the effects of climate change, the client's mandate for this project was to revise the landscape as a strong statement of land stewardship. With equal presence given to outdoor sculptural elements and ecological pockets, this forward looking project knits together spaces of habitation for all. Great care was given to re-establish a native perennial grassland on the hillside. It offers a casual feel and a seasonal evolution of plants that provide both for migratory and domestic visitors alike. The areas around the home are more formal, with plants seen along the approach now given order and rhythm. A central island displays a sculptural statement of regeneration, which is allowed to grow and shift over the years. The garden outside of the studio is home to a miniature elephant savanna, with rolling hills for them to romp, and for the mind to play across the grass and out into the distant mountains. 

MorganCorreia Residence_Pollinator Corri
MorganCorreia Residence_Regeneration Gar
MorganCorreia Residence_Elephant Garden.
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