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Thai Basil and Swiss Chard

Edible Landscapes

At Seed and Sparrow- we like to cook and we love to eat! We especially like garden fresh produce that we grow in our own yard. If this sounds like you, why not incorporate edible plants (perennial and annual) into your garden beds? Looks great and tastes great too!

Dragon's blood sedum.JPG

Low Maintenance Landscapes

There are many ways to create low maintenance landscapes, such as: water wise plantings, lawn alternatives, native plantings, site improvements, etc.  Book a Meet and Greet today to talk about the different options for low maintenance landscapes.


Sick of mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weeding your lawn? Your lawn could be so much more - from a flower filled meadow to a carpet of scented thyme! Book a Meet and Greet with us and let us suggest some new alternatives to that high maintenance lawn.


Habitat Gardens

Birds, butterflies, bees, creatures big and small, love your garden just as much as you do. By designing for habitat you can enjoy an abundant and diverse garden that is healthy for you and your non-human neighbours.


At Seed and Sparrow, we believe building community is an integral part of creating happy and healthy environments. If you've got a community project in mind, or on the go, we would love to hear from you. There are many services that we can provide to get your project off the ground from design visuals, to community engagement and presentations.

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