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Site Planning and Design

No Mow Landscape Design

This low maintenance landscape design includes hardy perennials and ornamental grasses that give colour, texture, and movement to the garden in all seasons. The clients chose beautiful scented thyme as an alternative to lawn in their South facing backyard. The thyme softens large patio pavers that extend the patio out into the garden.

Front Entrance Conceptual Design

A significant grade change at the front entrance makes connecting the house to the yard a challenge. To demonstrate how planted terraces would look we did a digital perspective and created a planting palette to help the client visualize a new front entrance.

Re-Wilding Concept Design

Seed and Sparrow created a concept plan and phasing diagram for a community group seeking to "re-wild" a small section of urban park. Having conceptual designs was helpful in community presentations as well as to break the project down into bite size pieces.

Portfolio: Project
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